Saturday, April 11, 2009

PTSD in the News: Weekly Roundup

A quick overview of PTSD hot topics this week…

Civilian PTSD

Holistic Psychiatrists Discuss Using Herbs, Nutrients and Yoga for Enhancing Mental Health

(San Diego) Neurofeedback for PTSD Treatment

Yoga For Anxiety & Depression

Stress: Paying the Price of Fearing Fear Itself

PTSD in Post Rape

PTSD May Be Diagnosed with Brain Scan

No Direct Link Between Panic Attacks, PTSD

Witnessing Suicide Could Cause PTSD

How a Stroke Can Cause PTSD

Migraines Increase Risk of PTSD

The Messy Future Of Memory Editing Drugs

(Inspiring) Stories of Survival

Drug-Free Therapy Could Erase Memories

Combat PTSD

Tale of the Secret Army Tape

What Motive Does the Army Have to Misdiagnose PTSD?

PTSD and the Female Soldier

Wounded Warrior Grants for VA Vets

Wounded Warrior Project Concerned By Stigma of PTSD

Ceremony To Recognize Vets Not Eligible for Vietnam Wall Inclusion

Tracing A Patriot At Vimy (How to Trace Your Family’s World War I History)

Obama Announces Joint Virtual Electronic Record

Diagnostic Abuse of Veterans

(Michigan) Hippie Fest Supports the Troops

Support the Post Deployment Reassessment Act of 2009

Fact Sheet On Proposed Fiscal Year 2010 Defense Budget

White House Transcripts: Remarks By President Obama About Improving Veterans’ Healthcare

(North Haven, CT) Elliot Storm, author of These Scars Are Sacred, to speak on Combat PTSD

(Seattle, WA) The Warrior’s Journey: Workshop with Ed Tick (world-renowned vet psychotherapist)

Ohio Support Center Focuses on Returning Vets

Veterans Advocate Answers Questions

(Oregon) Missing in America Project Seeks Out Forgotten Vets

Puppies Behind Bars Program Places Service Dog with Iraq Vet

VetVoice: PTSD and the Current System

VA Hospital Using Exposure Therapy

(Texas) Bill Aids PTSD Sufferers

Utah Filmmaker Seeks to Help Veterans

The Battle After the Adrenaline Fades

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