Friday, April 24, 2009

Building PTSD Resources

In response to my comment earlier this week that I'm outgrowing my blog space, a cheeky Englishman sent me an email agreeing with me - and making some great suggestions about how to rectify this problem. Thanks to his really good advice, I've now moved (and totally organized!) 'My Favorite Trauma Links' to its own page. There's a link on the homepage now, too, for easy future reference.

My goal is to take this resource list and build it into a very substantial size. If you have links to organziations, healing and coping strategies and support groups, sites, and blogs, please leave a comment or email them to me at parasitesof.themind @

Also: I'm in the process of launching a PTSD advocacy organization: Heal My PTSD, LLC, & will go live this summer with a hot site that will house healing information for every segment of the PTSD population.

The new site will be a resource for the PTSD community, to heal the community, and I'd love to have it be built by the community. I welcome input from you. Important links for every type of PTSD, plus healing and empowering sites that you feel provide good resources will all be welcome, so send me the sites you love!

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