Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PTSD Treatment: Emotional Freedom Technique in Action

After reading John Garrett's illuminating EFT interview I posted earlier, don't you just want to see how this process works? Yep, I thought so!

Below, you'll find some great links to see the who/what/when/where/why/how of EFT in action.

For an intro to what EFT is, watch this.

For a powerful explanation and how-to by Judy Byrne, master practitioner (including specifically about how EFT works with PTSD), click here. Tip: Substitute your own trauma sentence: i.e. ‘Even though I still feel anxious because of my trauma…” Or, “Even though I cannot let go of the past….” for Judy's example.

Here's an interview of how a woman cured PTSD, CFS and chronic pain with EFT.

Here's an EFT script/program for betrayal and unfairness.

For the vet community:

For vets and their families: Intro EFT for Vets

One of my favorite EFT for vets resources:

Combat PTSD in action with a vet who’s been in talk therapy for 30 years and still describes his PTSD as ‘severe’. PHENOMENAL video.

Careful: The story this vet tells about his encounter with a child with a live grenade may be triggering.

Erasing Combat PTSD – EFT in action with a corpsman

EFT introduced for healing Combat PTSD
(Photo: Tapping)


healandforgive said...


Thank you for your enthusiasm and tireless work for PTSD survivors.

You've been tagged with the Love Ya award on my blog.


Michele Rosenthal said...

@Healandforgive - Awww, thank you!!! It's always good to feel the love. I'm on vacation and will pick up the tag when I'm back in the office. :)

halline said...

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