Wednesday, April 1, 2009

PTSD Healing: Statistical Bonus Round

The polls closed at midnight last night on the Parasites of the Mind question,

'Do you think it's possible to heal PTSD?'

Here are the statistical results:

54%: 'Yes'
11%: 'No'
6% = 'Maybe'
5% = 'I've given up'
22% = 'I don't know but I hope so'

Not the resounding vote of confidence in ourselves I had hoped to find, but maybe we can improve the percentages with a little teamwork!

Do you have a poll question you'd like to see addressed? Leave a comment or shoot me an email.


Alicia said...

Very interesting poll, Michele! It's refreshing to see such a high percentage have so much belief and faith in healing.

The "Nos" and "I've given ups" are disheartening, yes, but I hope people recognize, at the very least, the ways to manage and treat conditions like PTSD.

Rena Reese said...

Hi Michelle, This made me sad to see that even with your amazing example, some don't see the possibility if healing. Keep doing your important work and let's hope for a different batch of numbers soon! All the best!


Michele Rosenthal said...

@Alicia - I'm going to groove on your optimism!

@RR - I do have moments when I so fervently wish people saw the possibility of healing -- and then I think back to myself in the years before I believed. We each do have to sink to that place where it's better to believe than to continue in the black fog.

Anonymous said...

Your blog gives me hope. Hope is something I tend to lose sight of. Your blog gives me that nudge I need everyday.

Michele Rosenthal said...

@Anonymous - I'm so happy to hear that!! That's my goal and mission. I think hope is part of the very foundation of healing. It's the one thing so hard to develop and so very tough to hold on to.