Saturday, March 28, 2009

PTSD in the News: Weekly Roundup

Last night John and I went salsa dancing. When we came off the floor after a set a woman I’d never seen before reached out and touched my arm, Congratulations!, she said. I had no idea what she meant. On your dancing, she said in a Spanish accent. Your dancing: Beautiful! And with that she moved off into the crowd.

If she had seen me two years ago she would have bet good odds that I’d never be able to salsa. I couldn’t find the beat, and if I could, I couldn’t stay on it. I couldn’t move my feet that fast or follow anything but the most basic lead. I went forward when I should have gone back. The first night John took me to a Latin club I was a disaster.

My dance evolution happened slowly and now that it’s done I don’t think about it. But that woman was right: congratulations are in order!

Sometimes it takes someone from without to help you recognize and appreciate the progress you’ve made within.

And then, there are times you need to stop looking within and look without, like, say, at what’s going on in the PTSD world outside your head:

Let’s start with one for everyone:

If you haven’t caught up with Grey’s Anatomy lately, check out the Combat PTSD storyline here.

Civilian PTSD:

What is Psychological Trauma?

Scientists On Track To Erase Your Worst Fears

Eye See You: Brainspotting, A Cureall for Psychological Trauma, or Parlor Trick?

How Do I Calm Down and Deal with Stress?

Volunteers Sought For PTSD, Chronic Pain Study

(Photo: Sionfullana)


Marj aka Thriver said...

I'm enjoying finding you and your posts on Twitter. And I'm going to enjoy checking out all these links. Thanks!

Michele Rosenthal said...

@Marj - I think the best way to discover more avenues to healing is to keep informed!

In your surfing, let me know if you come across good articles or sites for PTSD and healing. I'm in the process of building a web site for Heal My PTSD, LLC - the goal is to pull all of the best healing resources together under one roof.