Saturday, March 28, 2009

Healing PTSD: Final Note - What I've Learned About Reaching Out

I’m thinking about the sad irony of PTSD. I get so much email about how surprised people are by how good it feels to participate in groups, leave comments on blogs, and write to other survivors. It feels so good to know I am not alone, is a constant refrain.

I felt that incredible sense of isolation, too, but here are the facts: 70% of all adults in the U.S. will experience a traumatic event in their lives. Up to 20% of those adults then experience PTSD. Of all our troops returning home, 19% struggle with PTSD.

You are not alone. You are, in fact, in a very large group of millions of people who feel just the way you do. The point of reaching out is to recognize this and be supported by it in an environment that feels right and good and that brings about healing. Building and maintaining strong emotional boundaries allows us to positively and with strength reach out and discover what a big crowd we’re actually in. Erecting emotional boundaries makes the reaching out process safer. Feeling safe is what healing is all about.

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giving up is not an option! said...

well said, michele! and thank you for being willing to reach out your hand to others. it is encouraging to know that others have lived it and understand the issues.

Michele Rosenthal said...

@giving up - I think the more we join together, the more we reduce the power of PTSD. If we all were to join hands I wonder what kind of healing would occur....