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PTSD in the News: Weekly Roundup

It’s nice to travel, but…. Wow, it feels good to be home! I don’t know what it is about Miami; there’s just something too cheesy about it. I don’t get what everyone loves about South Beach, and I know why nobody loves North Beach. There’s something so right about Jupiter Beach, which is just a 10 minute drive from my house.

Here in my little beach town it’s gray and raining and the perfect day to catch up on some reading….

Before we get to the individual categories of civilian and military news topics, let's start with this nugget:

For everyone: This article raises an interesting point about how society's focus and perception on PTSD can increase its power. Don't look at this just from a military perspective; all of us can say there's a necessary transition after trauma. Do we agree or disagree with the hypothesis put forth in this piece?

Soldier’s Stress: What Doctors Get Wrong About PTSD

A growing number of experts insist that the concept of post-traumatic stress disorder is itself disordered and that soldiers are suffering as a result.

Question for vets: Do you agree or disagree? Please help me better understand the Combat-PTSD experience so I can learn how to better advocate in that area.

For civilians:

Stress So Bad It Hurts
Well, we all know this, but this great article gets into the details.

Time for Healing: Reclaiming Life After Trauma

Stress Makes the Brain ‘Log Out’
Evidence supporting the idea that PTSD affects the neural level of the brain.

Grateful Traveler: The Wright Way to Travel, Part 2
This is an awe-inspiring story of a woman who overcame the odds of survival and recovery, and a ppek into how she used the power of her mind to do it.

New Treatment Strategy for PTSD
I’m not a big proponent of medication in the therapy mix. But this is a different take on drug therapy for PTSD, one that doesn’t alter the mind but alters levels of cortisol, which of course, positively affects the mind in the case of PTSD.

Dating Website for Mentally Ill Launched in U.S.
Not sure how I feel about this…. What do you think??

The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook
Anyone read this? If you have, let us know what you think of it…

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: 60 Stories on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
This might be a little much, but if you’re in need of a dose of ‘you’re-not-alone’ stories, this will do the trick!

Combat PTSD:

This week marks the sixth anniversary of the Iraq war, and the beginning of a rising swell of recognition of the PTSD toll on our vets and the need for them to receive better psychological care when they return from battle.

Army looks to increase treatment options for PTSD

Better Treatment for War Vets

Tempe Veteran Among Those Helped by VA

Helping Heroes: Southwest Florida Steps Up
OK, I’m usually the first to say that my home state is backward and behind the times, but this article about Operation Open Arms, a non-profit org that’s giving free vacations and mental health care to vets renews my faith in the Sunshine State!

Bill Would Ease Vets’ Access to Get Help For Stress
Of course, it’s my original home state of New York that’s breaking ground in proposing legislation to eliminate the burden of proof in vets’ PTSD diagnosis. Interesting facts here relating to PTSD stats, too.

Six Years Later
Taking a look at the stats.

Airforce Unveils Brain Injury Clinic in Alaska

Army Responds to Record Number of Suicides
A glimpse into suicide prevention.

Children Deal With PTSD, too

Healing Horses Help Military Personnel and Veterans With Disabilities

Soldier’s Battling PTSD in Texas

Mothering From the Frontlines
An insightful look from the UK at how women soldiering impacts families.

Vets Group True Blue to New Fight
OK, this week Florida is really surprising me with its proactive busyness.

Talking With Heroes Talk Show Launch

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