Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PTSD Healing Debate: What Do You Believe?

There's a debate going on behind the scenes here..... It was sparked by Mike H's 'Survivors Speak' post about his own self-empowered therapy and success in treating PTSD.

And so the question comes up:

Do you or don't you believe that self-empowered therapy can heal?

Weigh in by leaving a comment....


Anonymous said...

I believe everyone has their own journey, their own path to travel. I have a therapist that helps me, it's another source of information.
The power of love from my family and my friends is the best source of strength.
So to sum up, I think it takes a village.

Michele Rosenthal said...

@Anonymous - I think you're right -- which is why building and uniting the PTSD community is so important! The strength of others helps us develop a strength of our own.