Saturday, May 16, 2009

PTSD in the News: Weekly Roundup

Before we get to the news, just a reminder that the PTSD community is joining together to help me build the most survivor-friendly and PTSD resource oriented web site on the net. If you haven’t already read about this project, read this post and leave a comment or shoot me an email with your thoughts.

News for both civilian and combat PTSD: An Adventure In Grief – memoir about a woman dealing with grief over the suicide of her Vietnam Vet husband. The book is interesting in that it looks at both sides; the PTSDer and the family member, both on their own personal journey.

Civilian PTSD

Television Show ‘Healthy Minds’ goes national, including PTSD episode

Treating Children Traumatized by War & Tsunami

Help for Depression and Other Mental Illnesses

Women At Greater Risk for Depression and Anxiety

Controlling the Brain’s Perceptions of Emotional Events

Energy Psychology Book Wins National Award

Police and PTSD

Combat PTSD

Yoga Center Has Answer to Military Stress Crisis
Following the news of the stress-related shootings at Camp Liberty in Baghdad, Yoga For You, a privately-owned yoga center in eastern North Carolina, today released plans for a special restorative program aimed specifically to relieve symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). For more info

For Veterans Back From War, Writing Proves to Be A Balm

John Wayne Attitude Cited in Military Mental Health Issues

House passes HR 2346, the supplemental appropriations bill that covers necessary costs to fund our troops and support their families

Kansas National Guard on Oprah re: Healing PTSD

Vietnam Vet with PTSD turns to fiction

Your Military Life: Combat related PTSD; radio show with Bob Page, Marine turned Navy senior chief talking about his own PTSD healing.

Why PTSD Rates Keep Climbing

Did Doctor’s Deny Iraq Shooter’s Stress

Can Lessons On Vietnam Help Iraq’s Vets?

Local Veterans Affairs Boosts Treatment for PTSD Patients

Mental Health Military Style

Veteran Talks About PTSD in Hopes of Helping Others

Female Veteran Talks About PTSD

Soldiers on the Homefront: Adjusting to Life After War

Montana’s National Guard Tackles Stress, PTSD with community meetings

PTSD Vet Program in Las Vegas

Research Proves Vets Overcoming PTSD with EFT

Iowa Soldiers Watch for Signs of PTSD

Top 10 Veterans News

Review: The Secret Life of War

Often Ignored, PTSD Surfaces Slowly

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