Saturday, May 2, 2009

PTSD in the News: Weekly Roundup

First off today is our rather uninspired voting turnout to the question, ‘How Much Do you Know About PTSD’. The results:

26% = I know everything there is to know.
19% = I know what I experience.
46% = I’m learning but taking it slowly.
7% = I don’t want to know anything just make it go away.

What do you want to know about the thoughts and ideas of your fellow PTSDers? If you have polling questions you think would be interesting to and illuminating of the PTSD community and experience leave a comment or shoot me an email.

Next piece of business: Very exciting - I’m beginning to build the Heal My PTSD, LLC, web site! (For those of you who haven't heard, I’m launching a PTSD advocacy organization.) This will be a web site for the PTSD community, to heal the community, so I’d like to build it with the input of the community. That means YOU. Please take a moment or two to send your favorite PTSD, healing, treatment, resource, info sites and blogs so that I can house all of the best information in one place. You can email me at parasitesof.themind@

And now, on with our regularly scheduled programming: This week’s PTSD hot topics –

Civilian PTSD:

Bouncing Back from Bad Times; 9 Ways to Build Resilience

A source of PTSD you probably haven’t considered, which just serves to remind us that PTSD comes from all kinds of causes.

Exposure based CBT effective treatment in PTSD patients with schizophrenia

Children Exposed to Violence Have PTSD Symptoms

Many Holocaust Survivors Live with PTSD

Yoga Therapy Designed for PTSD

Combat PTSD:

A Vietnam Vet and his Art

Women, the military and PTSD

Chairman Hall Holds Hearing To Discuss the PTSD Act

Vets Back to War Zone

Local Veterans Talk About Experience with PTSD

Returning Soldiers Treated for brain injury & PTSD

Pentagon Using Virtual Reality to Treat PTSD

Northwest Congressman introduces legislation to screen for PTSD
Kerry, Patrick Kennedy Eye Drug Courts for Vets

Top 10 Veterans News From Around the Country

Veterans Backing Jones’ Bill

Virtual Reality Therapy

Robinson Offers Stats About VA

How Much Influence Brain Injuries Have On PTSD

VA Launches New Web Site for Veterans

An interesting little factoid this week:

“A United States study confirms … that 65% of combat victims with post-traumatic stress disorder have reported hearing voices.”

I haven't heard this before. Anyone have experience with this, or know more about how often it occurs and how it's treated?

(Photo: Jerry L.)


Rena Reese said...

Just when I think you cannot top your amazing resources found in your blog Michelle, you do! You are so very dedicated! I always learn something new at your blog. Thanks for opening my world up each time I read a post! :+)

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