Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Veterans Forum: My PTSD Radio Interview

Hello, Readers! Today marks my internet radio debut on Passionate Internet Radio Voices (PIVTR). I’ll be the featured guest on E. Everett McFall’s internet radio talk show, THE VETERANS FORUM. Join us today for a positive, proactive discussion about coping with and healing PTSD. Topics will include:

-- Educating sufferers, caregivers and careproviders about PTSD
-- Building a PTSD resource community
-- Necessity of sufferers participating in the healing process
-- Constructing a post-trauma identity
-- Committing to the pursuit of joy
-- Benefits of hypnotherapy
-- Living a joyful, PTSD-free life

The show airs live from 3:30 – 5:30pm EST, and can be downloaded at any time via the November 12 link on the PIVTR website.

To listen live:

To download later:

We will be taking on-air callers. If you wish to participate in the show, you may phone in toll-free at: 1866-977-4887.

I hope you'll call in and talk to us about bridging the gap between PTSD and a joyful life!

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