Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mental Health Resource for Combat PTSD

Cruising around the net today I stumbled upon this nifty site offering free mental health services for military personnel and their families.

They are committed to all combat related issues, including PTSD. As their Mission page states:

In addition to the physical injuries sustained, countless servicemen and servicewomen have experienced psychological symptoms directly related to their deployment. According to a RAND report released in April 2008, over 18 percent of troops who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan--nearly 300,000 troops--have symptoms of post-traumatic stress or major depression. At the same time, about 19 percent of service members reported that they experienced a possible traumatic brain injury. And let us not forget: millions of Americans belong to the families of these servicemen and servicewomen. Spouses, children, parents, siblings, and unmarried partners of military personnel are all being adversely affected by the stress and strain of the current military campaign.

If you make use of this site and find it helpful, let me know!

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