Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Self-Empowered Healing: Audio Notes From NAMI

A double post day because:

Last night I spoke at the local meeting of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. The topic:

Are You Participating in Your Recovery?
5 Tips to Supplement Therapy with Self-Empowered Healing

Today, in my ever-increasing tech evolution: a slimmed down audio version (15 minutes) of last night's hourlong presentation.

Comments? Thoughts? Things you would add?

(Photo: maraculio)


Artemis said...

Hi I have PTSD and am trying to network with other survivors. Your blog is a great resource for people with PTSD I will be adding it to my blog "Voices in the Darkness" which is about bringing awareness to child molestation.

Michele Rosenthal said...

@Artemis -- Hello! Glad you found me. And, yes, let's network. :) The more we all band together the more people heal more quickly. I'm on my way to check out your site....

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