Saturday, February 7, 2009

Staying Grounded: A List of Things to Do

Some days it just feels like no matter what we PTSDers do, we can't keep our feet on the ground. The memories swirl, the world tilts and before we know it we've fallen down the rabbit hole.

What to do when gravity disintegrates and you get lost in space?

Recently, I stumbled upon this post on 'Girl Anachronism' -- a handy list of simple things to help yourself stay grounded when PTSD sucks you into a big, blackhole.

What would be on your list?? Leave a comment or shoot me an email; together we can compile a great resource!

(photo: deanspic)


Elizabeth Stanfill said...

Hi Michele,

My favorite thing to do, anytime I feel overwhelmed, is to quiet my mind with meditation. I have been practicing for about ten years.

In addition, I call someone I love and see how they are doing. That always makes me feel better.

Have a great week.


Marj aka Thriver said...

Wasn't that a great post of grounding ideas? While I do have a regular meditation practice, I think my favorite grounding technique is to get out in nature. I like to get all my senses involved. I smell a flower, listen to birds, watch a squirrel foraging, feel the rough bark of a tree.