Thursday, February 26, 2009

Healing PTSD: What We Are Responsible For, Or: Recovery Dynamics

My friend Mike C and I trade notes about our philosophical take on healing. Recently, we wrote about the responsibilities to which each person must commit along the healing journey. I decided to turn the conversation into a list for us here because it never hurts to re-examine our ‘shoulds’.

Here then, for your amusement, entertainment and inspiration: 9 things we are responsible for to help facilitate our own healing:

In my words:

1. Education - we are responsible for learning what we need to know about PTSD in order to understand what we are dealing with and how to treat and manage it.

2. The Work - we must own the effort. Healing isn't bestowed upon us; we must be willing to do the necessary internal and external things that must be done to enhance, support and further our healing.

3. Research - it is up to us to discover the resources to support us on the healing journey. We don’t heal by waiting.

4. Making connections - we cannot heal in isolation. It is up to us to connect with practitioners, friends and family. We must reach out.

5. Commitment - in order to reach a better future we must devote our energy toward defining and discovering it today.

In Mike’s words:

As with anything in life constructive change in one’s life (recovery)....seems to revolve around 4 dynamics:

1) awareness

2) action

3) discernment

4) improvement

These should be integrated into one’s life as if it was to be charted based upon four circles, and each circle represented one dynamic(respectively). The spot where all four overlap would be the ideal recovery or constructive change...

And one more unwitting thing, from my other friend, Mike H’s blog post yesterday: “... choose where balance lies.” Read his post to see how he’s assessing and revamping his healing priorities. It’s an exercise we all should do every once in a while to make sure we’re moving toward the goals we set, and to figure out how/where we’re getting distracted when we don’t.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list. What elements of responsibility would you add? Leave a comment or shoot me an email.

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