Saturday, December 6, 2008

MTV & Combat-PTSD: TRUE LIFE Series Tonight

Any vets going to be home tonight? You might want to check out the MTV 'True Life' Series. Airing at 6pm, this episode features Adam Coleman who shares his experience with PTSD.

For more info read Joshua Sanders' article.

If any of you watch, please report back. Let me know what you think of Coleman's story, whether or not the MTV show covered all of the necessary aspects of combat-PTSD, and if not, what you think they left out.


Sgt. Andy Britt said...

I'm watching this right now....I'm in the same boat. I was in Baghdad and Mosul 28 months total and I'm getting med boarded. they've had me dopped up on Klonazipam for 3 years. The issue is for real...Nobody cares about you when you have PTSD unless they have it too. I've been going thru this Med Board process for 5 months and I'm STILL just now entering WTU by the way....

John Ortiz said...

Watching the program I could not help but see myself in some way in each of these men. I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran with PTSD. Although many critical issues where expertly covered there were many that could never possibly be presented in the time frame. Some that come to mind are PTSD that develops in family members, Veterans who do not seek help, complications and contradictions in DOD/branches of military and VA regulations and methods of treatment, programs and services, multiple disabilities, access to services by rural veterans, availability of veteran organizations, availability of Vet Centers and of course much more. The producers and participants in this program should be highly commended for the great service they have provided to veterans and those who can benefit from the stories shared. Finally, I agree that holistic approaches must be aggressively pursued vs current methods of medication and masking of symptoms.

terriz said...


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