Friday, December 26, 2008

Healing PTSD: Proof that EMDR Gets Results!

I recently became acquainted with Michael Burns and a documentary film he’s making, EMDR, that explores and examines the benefits and results of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Developed by Francine Shapiro EMDR has been proven to be a breakthrough therapy in treating anxiety, stress and trauma.

Now, EMDR, the film, brings all of the research, treatment and cure possibilities together in one documentary movie. Michael explained his interest in EMDR to me this way:

"I'm interested in this topic for many reasons, and have had EMDR myself. I was very skeptical before hand, dismissive even, until I tried it. I felt after that, that I wanted to make sure as many people knew about it as possible - it can't help everyone, but I believe it can end suffering for millions of us."

The film will be an in-depth narrative investigation into the treatment, and will include interviews with key personalities who facilitate EMDR training and treatment. Take a look at the clips on the EMDR movie site; they’re fascinating and would give anyone hope that – even if EMDR cannot completely cure your particular PTSD symptoms – it can do much to alleviate the severity of the symptoms and put you on a path to wellness.

In my own experience, at the beginning of my therapeutic address of PTSD we used EMDR. In conjunction with other cognitive behavioral techniques it did alleviate my symptoms so that I became stronger and therefore more able to wage the PTSD healing war. Ultimately, it was another therapy that got rid of my PTSD symptoms entirely, but I believe that EMDR helped me get on my way to healing.
The focus of the EMDR film will be on 3 or 4 stories it follows over a one month period of treatment. Do you want to be one of those stories? Perhaps you can! Michael says, "We need three things right now. 1) We need, for example, 9/11 survivors who are suffering from PTSD in some form to follow in the film. We are narrowing down the stories over the next month and want to settle on about 3 or 4. 2) We also need people to spread the word far and wide about this. 3) And of course, like every other film, we need funds to make the project. We have a site set up with some perks for all the donors at a certain level. The amount we need is nothing compared to a major motion picture, but to do this right we still need some."

If you’re interested in participating in the film, or donating funds you can contact Michael through the EMDR movie site, or through his email address: info (at) michaelburns (dot) com.

As the playwright Tennessee Williams used to sign his letters, En avant! As in (for us) onward (toward healing)!

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Anonymous said...

Glad its effective for some ppl - but I tried it - didn't do anything for me.