Monday, January 5, 2009

PTSD Healing Resolution #1: The Top 2 Things You Need to Heal

So, here we are in 2009; the beginning of a year when our desire to heal and our deliberate participation in our own PTSD healing is going to move us closer to relief.

Let’s get to it. Resolution #1 on our list of Healing PTSD Resolutions: I will create a powerful healing intention.

When we embark on the road to healing PTSD there are two most important elements we need with us to create a powerful healing intention:

#1 – belief in ourselves

#2 – belief in our ability to heal

These two things combined and focused create the compelling intention, I will use my internal power to heal my PTSD.

Do you feel a deep belief in these two areas? If not, it’s time to focus on shoring them up. They will be the crux of how and when you achieve healing.

As in everything about PTSD healing, these two elements are ones we have to manufacture ourselves. We must have a deep, unswerving belief in what we want to achieve. We must put the desire to be PTSD-free, to live fully without the stain of experience, back into our daily thoughts.
Two years ago my mother gave me a book entitled, THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, by Esther and Jerry Hicks. First of all let me just say, I’m not a woo-woo kind of person. I was skeptical of the book, but my mother’s not a frivolous person and she did so much over the years to cheerlead and champion my PTSD healing. So, in the spirit of her intention I opened the book – and nearly closed it when the first 30 pages of introduction just seemed a little too far out of the cosmos for me.

But then I got to the first chapter called, ‘An Introduction to Being Well-Being,’ and I thought, All right… I like that. I want to be well. So, I kept reading and was swept up in the book when I came upon two Laws that actually seemed useful:

Eternal Universal Law #1 is: Law of Attraction: That which is unto itself, is drawn. “Because the Law of Attraction is responding to the thoughts that you hold at all times, it is accurate to say that you are creating your own reality.” (Italics those of the authors.)

We bring to ourselves what we think about. In order to bring healing we must, in every moment, think about and believe it its possibility, truth and achievement. Everything we do, say, think, desire must support the belief in our ability to achieve wellness.

Eternal Universal Law #2 is: Science of Deliberate Creation: That which I give thought to and that which I believe or expect – is. "When you understand the power of thought and practice your deliberate offering of it, you will discover the powerful leverage (in creating) that only comes from desiring…. When you … positively anticipate with your thoughts, the amount of action required is far less, and the action is much more satisfying. If you do not take the time to align your thoughts, far more action is required, without the satisfying results."

The power of our intentions can reap results. The more we imagine ourselves being healed and use all of our thoughts toward that goal, the more quickly that becomes our reality, and the more easily we will achieve it.

When I finished the book I was inspired by the ideas, but I didn’t know what to do with them. So, life went on and I didn’t think about the book at all as other things replaced it in my intention. But not long afterward I really dropped everything in my life that did not support, enhance or encourage my PTSD healing. My sole focus became proactively developing a mindset and experiences for healing. Within six months I was PTSD-free. Coincidence? Maybe. I’d already done a lot of work in trauma therapy and in my personal quest to construct a post-trauma identity, so I was primed for the last steps of healing. But maybe those two laws burrowed their way into my subconscious and were noodling around in there, giving added support to my own pursuit of joy which was, in its primitive state, my version of combining laws 1 and 2.

Think about the two Universal Laws today. How can you incorporate them into your own thoughts? Here’s an inspirational video to get you going. For the rest of the day take your own pulse: measure the depth of your belief in yourself and your ability to heal. The next two BRIDGE THE GAP posts will explore how to strengthen these beliefs.

We have the power to transform our lives – no matter what has traumatized and transformed us. That power is available to us today and every day. We must only choose to use it.

(photo: Loving Earth)

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